This word can pack a punch. It can be the good, the bad, or the just plain ugly. We [in the public education profession] especially tend to be resistent to this word.

Change has been a very personal word to me over the past 9 months. My wife and I welcomed a son into the world. That has changed us. This school year I changed my job, and an no longer in the classroom. I have been busy and have not blogged in almost nine months... and that was a change for me.

While on my blogging hiatus, I have not stopped reading. I continue to read David Warlick, Shelly Blake-Plock, and my all time fav, Chris Lehmann. I have also done a lot of self-reflection and thinking about "change".

This thinking mostly stems from my new (quazi-admin) role in the public school system. I have had lots of conversations about change over the past couple of months. In some cases, small change and in others, epic change. And - as I often am - I am left with a question(s)?

As we all begin this new school year...

What are you going to change?

Why are you going to change?

What led to these changes you will make?

How will you affect change in others?

Will these changes make a difference in the lives of those you serve?

(I am bias, but...) I think that these are good questions. Good questions to start off the new school year and a new journey in the education of others. I think that we need to make change a good thing - a word that we do not shudder in fear at - but rather embrace and put to work for the good of our schools.

Have an amazing school year. I promise to write more... way more. That is one of the changes I will make in the lives of others.

Damn it feels good to be a blogga'.

More to come...

Mike Meechin, M.Ed.