Bad Habit

So, I am still trying to decide if having the ClustrMaps widget on my blog is a good idea. I have formed a terrible habit of checking it regularly (more than once a day even though I know it only updates once every 24 hours, yikes!).

However, I then refer to the likes of Andrew B Watt (998 visits this month and counting...); Shelly Blake-Plock over at TeachPaperless (59,077 hits since May 09... what!?); nashworld and his great commentary (7,378 in just under one year); and one of my faves David Warlick and his 2 cents (30,143, don't know since when, but something to shoot for nonetheless!)...

... and it is hard not to compare. My meager blog rings in at a whopping 366 visits since Sep 2009. So, is this a bad habit, or just motivation? I'm still trying to sort it out.

More to come...

Mike Meechin, M.Ed.


Anonymous said...

Blogging is a two-sided conversation. You have to give to get. If you just sit in a classroom, and don't talk to the teacher, you don't get anything related to your own interests. If you don't take notes on the presentation, you're stuck in the long run, and you won't take much away. On the other hand, questions may derail the teacher, and bring the conversation to bear on what actually interests you.

So it is with blogging. You must get out there and leave comments on other people's websites. You must create links between your blogs, and others. You must find cool materials related to your discipline, and present them to others in your field. You must find bloggers in your field, or if there aren't any, you must become THE blogger in your field.

How do you do that? By writing in ways that link the conversation back to your blog. My creating paths for others to follow back to your core ideas, and your best writing. How do you do THAT? By leaving comments, like breadcrumbs for the children to follow through the forest.

It wasn't until you mentioned my blog, and linked to me, that I even knew you were here. Now you're on my feedlist, and I'll be reading.

Mike Meechin said...

Thank you Andrew for the comments. You make some great points, all of which I will reflect on greatly. You work is great and I appreciate it.

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