The Write Thing to Do.

My wife and I were out to dinner the other evening and we did what we always do... and discussed work.

You see, my wife and I are both educators. As most educators will tell you it is tough to not talk shop when around other educators. This night's conversation was the same as always - shooting around ideas about how to improve our practice to benefit our students. So, as dinner (and discussion) progressed we came to a conclusion...

We are going to do the write thing.

We (my wife and I) are going to begin work on a book. We both teach secondary and notice the lack of resources for teachers at this level... other than the myriad of work published by an amazing community of educators on the Interweb. However, educators need a "gateway" to get there. So, we are going to write a guide for secondary teachers - somewhere along the lines of a field manual for educators.

The rest of 2010 is going to be action packed here at Innovate Education. We look forward serving educators with quality professional development, developing a mini conference in Central Florida (inspired by the work of Chris Lehmann), and working to publish a book.

I also hope to contribute more meaningful musings to this blog.

More to come...

Michael Meechin, M. Ed.

For more information about Mike Meechin and Innovate Education, LLC. professional development please visit: www.innovateedu.org


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