Fresh New Presentations in the Classroom.


That's the response my classroom filled with young minds had when seeing my first presentation using Prezi [www.prezi.com]. What a huge compliment from a group of people who have their minds stimulated by a wide array of eye popping creations ranging from iPods to PSPs to XBox 360s. To get the "wow" reaction is something to write home about.

Prezi is a presentation program that creates flash videos. Your Prezis work off of a concept map instead of using slides as in most traditional presentations. It is truly a magnificent piece for the classroom, addicting as well. My colleagues and I had created several over the past few days just for the fun of it.

The site does offer a free account, which is what I have been using. This is a great option for those who may want to check it out. The do offer additional plans at a couple of different price points. What a great piece of technology that I just had to share.


More to come....

Mike Meechin


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