Traversing the Information Gap

In David Warlick's response (Teacher Shock) to my "What are we doing?" post he brings up a great point; "But they have missed so much, and I do not know how to fill this gap." Warlick writes.

These students truly have missed so much. My fear is for my high school students post-graduation. Where will they ever get this information that they have missed? Our schools are not designed as a whole to produce independent critical thinkers - even though everything the districts push down through the ranks demands "making" critical thinkers out of our students. So, if the schools are not designed to fill these information gaps, we as educators must do it in the classroom.

A lot of the information that Warlick blogs about are the methods we need to be taking hold of in the classroom.... helping to fill the information gaps that our students suffer from.

The question is how do we get the districts, states and federal government to fill the information gaps with us? What are your thoughts?

More to come...

Mike Meechin

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